31 Cases in Union County: The Union County Health Department is reporting 31 cumulative cases in Union County. 25 cases are lab confirmed cases. 6 cases are probable cases per CDC definition. 27 individuals have recovered. 4 are actively ill and in isolation. 0 deaths have been reported. 3 cases have required hospitalization during their illness (all have been discharged). Cases are 51.6% male and 48.4% female. Age range is 2 to 83 years with a median age of 40. Illness onset ranged from Mar. 01 to May 08. 32% of cases had occupational exposure (healthcare worker, correctional facility worker, first responder), 29% of cases had unknown source of exposure (considered community acquired), 20% of cases were close contacts of a known case, 19% of cases had travel exposure.

Contact Tracing: Contact tracing is underway to identify and notify “close contacts” of newly reported cases. Close contacts are those individuals who are at increased risk for infection due to contact with one of these cases. Close contacts often include household contacts, intimate partners and others who were within 6 feet of the ill person for a prolonged period of time from 48 hours before their symptoms developed until the ill individual isolated. Currently, the Union County Health Department is monitoring 17 close contacts for symptoms while they self-quarantine at home. To date, 6 individuals identified as close contacts have developed COVID-19 (roughly 10% of all close contacts monitored by the Union County Health Department).


Congregate Settings: Per www.coronavirus.ohio.gov, 0 cases have been reported in Union County congregate settings including long-term care facilities and correctional facilities. Union County’s congregate settings committee continues to meet with facilities and stay at the ready to assist in quickly responding to cases or an outbreak in one of our congregate facilities.

Reopening Guidance: Health Commissioner Orcena has been working closely with many local businesses, our community parks and recreation partners, faith community, and local government offices to advise on plans for the upcoming return to activities. The Union County Health Department is committed to continuing to put an emphasis on partnership and a measured, thoughtful approach to returning to activity here in Union County while meeting our statutory obligations to enforce the orders issued by the Ohio Director of Health and Governor DeWine.

Responding to Residents’ Concerns: Our sanitarians will continue to field concerns and complaints regarding compliance with safety measures as businesses and activities resume. If we receive a complaint or concern from a customer or employee, we will first work with the business to address any concerns. If we continue to receive complaints or find an atmosphere of intentional failure to comply, then we take more firm action. Generally, we have found that most employers are working hard to protect employees and customers. They have put forth significant effort to provide a safe business space. It can take time for all of us to adjust to new habits and safety measures, like properly wearing masks or remembering 6 feet is often wider than we think. If you have a concern as a resident of Union County, please continue to bring these to our attention. If comfortable, consider bringing the concern to the attention of the manager or owner first. Often times, the concern can be resolved quickly with the onsite management.

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