The Union County Health Department received reports of 22 new illnesses between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon. This was the largest number of cases reported in a 48 hour period to date. The cumulative number of reported cases since the first case was reported in March is is now 112 cases. 23 individuals are currently considered actively ill (considered infectious and in isolation) with an additional hospitalization due to COVID-19 reported (bringing the cumulative total of reported cases requiring hospitalization to 9). 45% of cases have an unknown source of exposure (termed community acquired). 31% were close contacts of a known COVID-19 positive individual. 12% of reported cases have recent travel history to areas with widespread COVID-19 activity. The median age has dipped slightly to 38.5 years. 88 of the reported cumulative cases have been released from isolation and are no longer considered infectious. 1 COVID-19 related death has been reported in a Union County resident.

Our epidemiologists and contact tracers have been working hard over the weekend to notify individuals identified as close contacts of the new illnesses. We continue to ask for assistance in working together to slow the spread of this virus within our community. If you are notified by an individual that they have recently tested positive and you were within 6 feet of them for at least 15 minutes during the 48 hours prior to their symptom onset until their release from isolation, we ask you to contact our office at 937-642-2053. We will discuss your personalized situation and determine if self-quarantine is recommended. We can also assist in finding testing resources if testing is recommended and something you wish to utilize.


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